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Trademark Introduction


Updated May 25, 2015
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Mark Identification:  FOOD LION
Last Applicant/Owner:  Dza Brands, LLC
2110 Executive Drive
Salisbury, NC 28147
Serial Number:  76528199
Filing Date:  July 7, 2003
Registration Number:  2876622
Registration Date:  August 24, 2004
Status:  Registered And Renewed
Status Date:  July 11, 2014
Case File Details
Attorney Name:  John Gary Maynard, Iii
Correspondent:  John Gary Maynard, Iii
Hunton & Williams Llp
Riverfront Plaza - East Tower
951 East Byrd Street
Richmond Va 23219-4074
Law Office Assigned:  (M50) Law Office 114
Current Location:  Generic Web Update
Location Date:  July 11, 2014
Employee Name:  Neville, James B
Mark Drawing Code:  (1) Typed Drawings (pre 11/2/2003)
Last Transaction Date:  May 21, 2015
Published For Opposition Date:  June 1, 2004
Cancellation Code:  (B) Section 8 - Class(es) in multiple class Registration
Renewal Date:  August 24, 2014
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Primary Class:  Meat, Fish, Poultry And Game; Meat Extracts; Preserved, Dried And Cooked Fruits And Vegetables; Jellies, Jams, Fruit Sauces; Eggs, Milk And Milk Products; Edible Oils And Fats.
U.S. Class:  Foods And Ingredients Of Foods
International Class:  Meats And Processed Foods
Primary Class:  Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sugar, Rice, Tapioca, Sago, Artificial Coffee; Flour And Preparations Made From Cereals, Bread, Pastry And Confectionery, Ices; Honey, Treacle; Yeast, Baking-Powder; Salt, Mustard; Vinegar, Sauces (Condiments); Spices; Ice.
U.S. Class:  Foods And Ingredients Of Foods
International Class:  Staple Foods
Primary Class:  Agricultural, Horticultural And Forestry Products And Grains Not Included In Other Classes; Living Animals; Fresh Fruits And Vegetables; Seeds, Natural Plants And Flowers; Foodstuffs For Animals, Malt.
U.S. Classes:  Raw Or Partly Prepared Materials, Foods And Ingredients Of Foods
International Class:  Natural Agricultural Products
Case File Owner History
Dza Brands, LLCLimited Liability Company1st New Owner After RegistrationFlorida · United States2110 Executive Drive
Salisbury, NC 28147
Fl Food Lion, Inc.CorporationOwner At RegistrationFlorida · United States2110 Executive Drive
Salisbury, NC 28144
Fl Food Lion, Inc.CorporationOwner at PublicationFlorida · United States2110 Executive Drive
Salisbury, NC 28144
Fl Food Lion, Inc.CorporationOriginal ApplicantFlorida · United States2110 Executive Drive
Salisbury, NC 28144
Case File Statements
GS0291Frankfurters Made Of Beef, Chicken Or Pork; Prepared Packaged Mashed Potatoes; Taco Dinner Kit Consisting Of Hard Or Soft Taco Shells, Seasoning And Sauce; Canned Vegetables, Namely, Sweet Peas; Canned Mixed Fruit; Canned Diced Peaches; Chicken, Namely, Flavored Ready-To-Cook Chicken Snack Wings
GS0301Seasoned Coating For Meat And Poultry; Enchilada Sauce; Jellied Cranberry Sauce; Candy, Namely, Gummi Worms
GS0311[ Cat Food, Namely, Crunchy Cat Mix ]
Case File Event Statements
05/20/2015ASCKAssignment Of Ownership Not Updated Automatically
07/11/2014NA89Notice Of Acceptance Of Sec. 8 & 9 - E-Mailed
07/11/2014RNL1Registered And Renewed (First Renewal - 10 Yrs)
07/11/201489AGRegistered - Sec. 8 (10-Yr) Accepted/Sec. 9 Granted
07/10/2014E89RTeas Section 8 & 9 Received
06/18/2014ASCKAssignment Of Ownership Not Updated Automatically
01/29/2014ASGNAutomatic Update Of Assignment Of Ownership
08/17/2010C15PRegistered - Partial Sec. 8 (6-Yr) Accepted & Sec. 15 Ack.
07/27/2010815FRegistered - Sec. 8 (6-Yr) & Sec. 15 Filed
08/17/2010APRECase Assigned To Post Registration Paralegal
07/27/2010E815Teas Section 8 & 15 Received
08/24/2004R.PRRegistered-Principal Register
06/01/2004PUBOPublished For Opposition
05/12/2004NPUBNotice Of Publication
04/01/2004TCCATeas Change Of Correspondence Received
03/30/2004CNSAApproved For Pub - Principal Register
03/26/2004CNEAExaminers Amendment Mailed
03/19/2004CNEAExaminers Amendment Mailed
03/11/2004ZZZXPrevious Allowance Count Withdrawn
01/21/2004CNSAApproved For Pub - Principal Register
01/15/2004CNEAExaminer's Amendment Mailed
01/13/2004DOCKAssigned To Examiner
Prior Registration Applications
Serial Numbers:  1427887, 2651767, 2653296, 2654055
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